CGA Mission:

The mission of the Connecticut Geographic Alliance is to promote the increase and diffusion of geographic literacy, foster geospatial innovation in geographic education, and encourage stewardship of the earth’s natural and cultural resources through education in Connecticut.

CGA Objectives: We seek to achieve our mission by:

  • Advocating for student mastery of 21st century skills through geography as a core subject area;
  • Offering geography programs at the primary and secondary levels;
  • Providing content, skills, and professional development programs for educators who use geography to address topics across disciplines;
  • Implementing the National Geography Standards as an integral part of the Connecticut Social Studies curricula.
CGA Vision:

The Connecticut Geographic Alliance envisions a future for our state in which innovative and outstanding geographic education will be a foundational element of all levels of our educational system’s curricula.  As a result, all of our citizens will have the opportunity to attain a high level of geographic literacy and be able to understand how human and natural systems connect places to each other.  Such comprehension will enable and empower the people of Connecticut to think and act as thoughtful and responsible stewards of the Earth’s natural and cultural resources.