This will be an excellent opportunity for social studies educators to become acquainted with innovative, interdisciplinary curricula to prepare to become volunteer facilitators for the program.

The facilitator training is open to educators who are interested in leading Population Education workshops for their colleagues at schools, universities, and conferences around the region.  Participants will include K-12 teachers, university education faculty and nonformal educators who work with teachers.

Thanks to foundation support, we are able to cover most of your expenses for the weekend event (two nights lodging, meals during the weekend and up to $500 travel stipend).  Participants will also receive an extensive handbook of training materials and a variety of curriculum resources.

Since 1990, Population Education has been hosting train-the-trainer institutes to prepare educators to facilitate workshops using our hands-on curricula. During our institutes, we demonstrate a range of teaching activities for different grade levels, share presentation ideas and discuss the many social and ecological issues related to population growth and resource use dynamics.

Population Education is a program of Population Connection and is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization based in Washington, DC.  Our acclaimed program has been producing teaching resources for over 40 years and offering professional development workshops to allow educators to participate in the many hands-on, inquiry-based activities that have become part of tens of thousands of teachers’ K-12 classrooms.

To apply, follow this link for the application form and email it in with a current resumé or CV.  Please note that there is an application deadline of March 9, 2018. If you would like additional information, please contact Pam Wasserman at the phone number or e-mail address below.  Details on the Population Education program and our Trainers Network can be found on the website,, and for information on the venue, please go to  Here is a link to a flyer on the event; feel free to share this with colleagues who may be interested.

Pam Wasserman

Senior Vice President, Education

Population Connection


1-202-974-7745 (direct line)