Did you know USGIF awards up to 25 students every year for their academic achievements?


The USGIF Scholarship Program offers multiple scholarships at various amounts for undergraduate and graduate students studying geospatial intelligence and related fields.


Please pass along this information and this flyer to your students.


Apply for a Scholarship
Deadline: Monday, Feb. 26
K. Stuart Shea USGIF Endowed Scholarship – $15,000

This scholarship is awarded to one Ph.D. student studying cartography, geography, or imaging science.


Ken Miller Scholarship for Advanced Remote Sensing Applications – $10,000

Created in partnership with Riverside Research, this scholarship is awarded to one master’s student working in or planning to enter the Defense and/or Intelligence workforce.


RGi Scholarship for Geospatial & Engineering – $10,000

This scholarship, in partnership with Reinventing Geospatial Inc. (RGi), is awarded to one undergraduate student who demonstrates financial need and is interested in or studying both the engineering and geospatial disciplines.


USGIF also awards multiple scholarships at the doctoral, graduate, undergraduate, and graduating high school senior levels: $5,000 is awarded to doctoral, graduate, and undergraduates, and high school seniors receive $2,000.

Doctoral & K. Stuart Shea USGIF Endowed Scholarship 


Master’s & Ken Miller Scholarship


RGi Scholarship for Geospatial & Engineering 


Undergraduate Scholarship 


Graduating High School Senior Scholarship