The mission of the Connecticut Geographic Alliance is to promote the increase and diffusion of geographic literacy, foster geospatial innovation in geographic education, and encourage stewardship of the earth’s natural and cultural resources through education in Connecticut.

CGA Vision

The Connecticut Geographic Alliance envisions a future for our state in which innovative and outstanding geographic education will be a foundational element of all levels of our educational system’s curricula. As a result, all of our citizens will have the opportunity to attain a high level of geographic literacy and be able to understand how human and natural systems connect places to each other. Such comprehension will enable and empower the people of Connecticut to think and act as thoughtful and responsible stewards of the Earth’s natural and cultural resources.

About US

The Connecticut Geographic Alliance (CGA) is an organization of educators, business people and other citizens dedicated to improving geographic education in Connecticut. Our members include teachers and administrators from most Connecticut towns, geography and education faculty from the state’s colleges and universities, and concerned citizens in business and government.

Our organization is part of the National Geographic Society’s Geographic Alliance Network. Alliance activities are supported by an endowment from the National Geographic Society Education Foundation. In addition, the University of Connecticut provides a home base for the Alliance in its Geography Department.