Giant Maps are entertaining and educational for grades K-8 while introducing Geography and map reading skills

The Connecticut Geographic Alliance now ONE giant classroom floor-sized (17′ x 21′) maps of Connecticut available to loan (free of charge) to schools in Connecticut.  A complete lesson book filled with activities for different ages and themes comes with the kit so the planning and prep-work is already done for you.  If you are interested in borrowing the kit for your classroom, school, or special geography event, please sign up on the calendars below. If you have any questions please contact Ashley Stephens (

  • *Please note, it is your responsibility to pick up and drop off the map. This can be done either at CCSU or the next teacher educator to use the map. We will not bring the map to you.The office is not open on the weekends.*

  •  We would prefer if you only take the map out for a maximum of 2 weeks to allow others to use it as well. You are more than welcome to take it out again at a later date. If you have an event and need it for longer than 2 weeks, please contact Ashley to check that it is available to be taken out that long.

Here are the trunks that the maps are stored in

If you have a Google Account


You may click the +Google Calendar, sign in and add your name to the calendar. Please note, because this is a public calendar, you are to ONLY add your name, school, phone, number and email address. Please do not delete or change any other event on the calendar!

If you do not have a Google Account



Please email Ashley ( requesting dates that are not already on the calendar, and she will add you to the calender.

When you sign up, you need to include your:


-Phone number or email

-School & Location 

Please be advised it is your responsilibity to pick up/ drop off the map. You will need to contact the person before you to know whether you will pick it up from them or CCSU. 


Please also note,  emails for the map should be sent to, not any other email! You may not get a response in time. Thank you!


Keep scrolling for information on how to get started once you sign up for the map!