“GIS in the Classroom” FREE training available

Howell Cheney Technical HS
Howell Cheney Technical HS uses GIS on the map reading activity at the CT HS Geography Challenge at UConn in May.
Two Rivers Magnet HS
Two Rivers Magnet HS of Hartford go over maps before the 2015 CT HS Geography Challenge at UConn.

“GIS in the Classroom” FREE training!  Free web training is available from ESRI.  This course presents strategies for integrating GIS to support instruction, discussion, and extended learning on any topic.  Participants will learn how to create and use GIS maps as a framework for understanding the geographic context of current and historical events and phenomena and exploring issues of interest to the local community.  Many practical ideas for GIS activities that enhance student learning and critical thinking skills are shared.  Visit www.esri.com/training and search keyword “classroom.”  Additional free courses can also be found at this site to learn about various tools and applications of GIS.